1. LASER MEASURE: When you’re ready we come to your house, we use our laser measuring equipment to capture the exact dimensions of your countertops. It’s quick and extremely accurate.

2. CNC CUT: Next, we go over the measurements to ensure everything is exactly as it should be. Then we place your slab onto our CNC cutting machine and hit the go button. Your countertops are now perfectly cut and ready for installation.

3. INSTALLATION: When we arrive at your door, most of the messy work is already done. Our professional (and strong!) install team will place the tops and leave your home as clean as they found it.’

Wanna quote? Got questions?

(306) 244-5688, LEANNE@BELLAROCHA.COM.

Bella rocha Saskatoon showroom

Our Showroom is on 45th street, just off Faithful. Inside you will see our latest picks for what’s happening, plus samples of the latest and greatest stuff from our manufacturers and suppliers. It’s probably going to be a little dusty and a little loud because we fabricate on site!

precise granite cutting

This is special stuff, so we’ve implemented the best in technology to ensure the best fit possible. For today’s and yesterday’s homes, we can accurately measure the correct dimensions to ensure your project receives the best fit possible.

precision cnc cutting countertops

CNC Cutting ensures laser straight lines for your project, while minimizing production time and waste. The benefits of CNC cutting granite countertops in Saskatoon is less turnaround time for your project and less stress, not a bad thing. Bella Rocha includes this technology for no additional cost.

local granite countertop business

Buy Local Only! It’s a difference in your buying experience that is worth more. It’s knowing that there’s a person you can call, or go and visit that can truly help with any issues or questions you may have without being directed to another department. Not only that, it creates a stronger Saskatoon.

we rock the rock